580 Sorb Stance™

  • Thickness: 21 mm
  • Heavy duty
  • Oil resistant nitrile rubber
  • Furnished with a heavy duty sorbent. Refills available.
  • Three standard sizes. Lengths are incremental per 30 cm.
  • Available Colours: Black/Orange
  • Standard sizes: 91cm x 163cm; 91cm x 316cm; 91cm x 468cm
  • Custom Lengths: 91cm x 193cm;91cm x 224cm;91cm x 255cm;91cm x 285cm;91cm x 346cm;91cm x 377cm;91cm x 408cm;91cm x 438cm

Anti-fatigue matting designed for combined use with a sorbent. Ramps on four sides are raised to form a holder tray around the mat. Rough “gripper” surface prevents the sorbent from shifting.

Made of a high quality nitrile rubber compound that is resistant to most industrial oils and designed to yield a long service life. Non-shifting. Free of silicone therefore safe for vehicle painting facilities.

For industrial users who insist on comfort and strength. Ergonomic benefit derived from 16 mm thick worker platform with raised studs on the backside to provide aeration and excellent cushioning comfort. Highly visible nitrile rubber orange coloured borders for added safety. Lengths are incremental by 30 cm.

Nitrile rubber compound, resistant to most industrial oils. Orange coloured borders included comply with OSHA Code 1910-144.