410 Airug®

  • Thickness: 9.4 mm
  • Light duty
  • Lengthwise ribbed pattern
  • Available per linear meter in 60 cm, 91 cm, and 122 cm widths.
  • Available Colours: Black; Black/Yellow; Grey
  • Standard sizes: 60cm x 91cm; 90cm x 150cm
  • Roll Sizes: 60cm x 18.3m; 91cm x 18.3m; 122cm x 18.3m
  • Custom Lengths: 60cm x linm;91cm x linm;122cm x linm

Ribbed pattern enhances traction. Basic worker comfort derived from 9.4 mm thick worker platform comprised of a construction of microcellular vinyl consisting of millions of air bubbles that provide basic ergonomic benefit. All four sides are bevelled and sealed to minimize tripping hazards.