737 Diamond Plate Runner™ 4,7 mm

  • Thickness: 4.7 mm
  • PVC Compound, resistant to industrial oils
  • Fire rating: Bfl-S1
  • Available in 2 standard sizes or by the linear meter.
  • Available Colours: Black; Black/Yellow; Grey
  • Roll Sizes: 91cm x 22.8m; 122cm x 22.8m
  • Custom Lengths: 91cm x linm;122cm x linm

Matting with excellent wear and tear resistance. Used as flooring, shelf liners and in all kinds of industrial applications in workshops, near machines and any place where objects may tend to slide on workbenches, carts, cars or lorry booths. Withstands diluted acids and alkalis.

The Diamond Plate Runner™ 4.7 mm is a durable industrial vinyl flooring with rugged deck plate pattern for non-directional anti-slip and is made of a PVC compound, resistant to industrial oils. Flammability: Bfl-S1 fire rating, testing according to EN 13501-1.