680 Safety Trax™

  • Anti-slip silicon carbide surface
  • Adhesive weight 50 g/m2, total weight 800 g/m2
  • Peel and Stick
  • Available Colours: Black; Brass
  • Standard sizes: 15.2cm x 18.3m; 15.2cm x 61cm - 50
  • Roll Sizes: 25mm x 18m; 50mm x 18m

Unique design anti-slip pads feature silicon carbide embedded grit. As the top surface wears, silicon carbide continues to “chip” providing a non-slip surface for longer service life. Pressure acrylic adhesive backing, affords easy peel and stick installation on clean dry areas. Recommended for ramps, inclines, walkways, stair treads, trailers, shipdecks. Apply only to clean, dry surfaces.