539 Gripwalker™

  • Heavy traffic entrance scraper mat for recessed frames
  • Vinyl waves grid matting scrapes dirt and moisture
    off shoes, allowing it to fall into the mat
  • Durable flexible material is ultra violet resistant,
    performs well in different climates and adapts to
    any surface
  • Small holes compliant with EU norm for public entrances
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Available Colours: Grey
  • Roll Sizes: 91cm x 12.2m; 122cm x 12.2m

The anti-slip base and anti-slip surface create a healthier and safer environment in wet or oily areas. The PVC vinyl compound resists chemicals, oil and grease. Easy to install and relocate. Easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance. Suitable for heavy duty use and will not flatten over time.

The wave design creates a slip-resistant surface that increases traction on wet and slippery floors. Anti-bacterially treated vinyl prevents growth of fungi or bacteria. Open structure for easy draining where dependable sure footing is essential.

Slip resistance R10 tested according to DIN51130 and BG-rule BGR181.