057 ESD Mat Cleaner

  • Mat cleaner for static table and floor mats
  • Non-abrasive formula
  • Designed to enhance the static dissipative properies of ESD safe surfaces
  • Removes flux residues, oil, finger marks, and dirt
  • 1 litre bottle trigger spray
  • Available Colours: Not Defined

Mat cleaner is recommended for static safe table and floor mats. Its non abrasive formula leaves no film and is designed to enhance the static dissipative properties of ESD safe surfaces. Effectively removes flux residues, oil, finger marks and dirt. Convenient 1000 ml bottle trigger spray.

Specialized line of ESD accessories to ensure a static free workplace and protect employees and sensitive electrical equipment. Use these accessories to connect table work surface, employees and conductive material to a common grounding point. This creates a balance between all items and personnel to ensure static electricity will flow to ground in a controlled manner. For use in ESD working zones to protect electrostatic sensitive components.