051 ESD Floor Grounding Cord

  • 4.5m cable and connector that connects a mat to ground
  • Resistor 1 Meg mat to ground
  • Meets the requirements of ANSI/ESD S-20.20 and EIA625
  • Available Colours: Black

Specialized line of ESD accessories to ensure a static free workplace and protect employees and sensitive electrical equipment. Use these accessories to connect table work surface, employees and conductive material to a common grounding point. This creates a balance between all items and personnel to ensure static electricity will flow to ground in a controlled manner .4.5m cable and connector that connects a mat to ground.

Easy to install, simply snap it to a mat and connect terminal to ground. The low profile bevelled cap prevents the cord from being accidentally removed from the mat. Resistor 1 Meg mat to ground. Available with a ring terminal or 10 mm female socket.