010 Uni Washable™

  • Thickness: 8.5 mm
  • Washable up to 50º Celcius
  • Fire Rating Bfl-S1
  • Available Colours: Off White
  • Standard sizes: 60cm x 85cm; 85cm x 115cm; 85cm x 150cm; 115cm x 180cm

Uni Washable™ can be printed as a mono-coloured mat in full colour to match your mat to any interior colour scheme or to use together with the custom printed logo mats for a colour coordinated matting system.

Functional and washable logo entrance mat that can be completely personalized using BrilliantStep™ full colour printing with almost infinite colour combinations. The open Frieze tuft gives true depth of colour and a trackless surface making it more durable as well as more effective in hiding dirt and foot traffic. Nitrile rubber backing is washable up to 50°C with cleated pattern to minimize movement on all surfaces and to keep the mat elevated on hard floors to allow drying underneath.