599B Oct-O-Flex Bevelled™

  • Thickness: 12 mm
  • EU and DDA compliant for accessibility
  • 3 standard sizes available
  • Available in black
  • Available Colours: Black
  • Standard sizes: 70cm x 90cm; 90cm x 150cm; 120cm x 180cm

The Oct-O-Flex Bevelled™ outdoor rubber mat is known for its octagonal ring design with small drainage holes and smooth surface making this next generation mat EU compliant for public entrances and the ideal mat for wheeled access (carts, wheelchairs, suitcases, etc).

Moulded edges on all four sides are bevelled to allow easy access onto the mat and prevent tripping. Made from a durable rubber compound that withstands the heaviest of foot traffic, Oct-O-Flex™ mats are easy to clean and practically weather proof.

The Oct-O-Flex Bevelled™ has excellent adherence and adapts to any surface while the raised studs underneath allow water to easily drain through, keeping the surface clean and dry.