113 Master Trax™

  • Thickness: 11 mm
  • Extremely crush resistant
  • Does not ravel
  • Choice of 14 hardy colours
  • Available Colours: Autumn Black; Autumn Brown; Autumn Burgundy; Autumn Green; Autumn Ochre; Blue; Brown; Charcoal; Green; Grey; Natural; Red; Royal Blue
  • Roll Sizes: 200cm x 20m
  • Custom Lengths: 200cm x linm;400cm x linm

Durable carpet flooring, designed for large indoor entrance areas, including wall-to-wall applications. Offers many possibilities for creative combinations that will allow the entrance to become part of the complete interior design.

Great ability to retain moisture and scrape debris from foot traffic while maintaining its great looking appearance for the longest time. Mould and mildew resistant, UV stabilized, crush resistant and remains unaffected by climate extremes. Synthetic rubber backing.