389 Swisslon Plus™

  • Thickness: 8.5 mm
  • Absorption capacity: 5.5 liters/m²
  • Fire Rating Cfl-S1
  • Choice of 6 rich colours in a wave or streaked pattern.
  • Available Colours: Twine Black ; Twine Blue; Twine Charcoal; Twine Grey; Twine Red; Twine Taupe; Wave Black ; Wave Blue; Wave Charcoal; Wave Grey; Wave Red; Wave Taupe
  • Roll Sizes: 130cm x 20m; 200cm x 20m
  • Custom Lengths: 130cm x linm;200cm x linm

Plush entrance matting with exceptional scraping and unsurpassed water absorbing qualities (5.5 litres per m²) for large indoor entrance areas, including wall-to-wall applications and stairs. Coarse yarns provide superb scraping and absorbing of dirt and moisture. Stylish yet subtle chevron pattern or streaked pattern versions hide dirt to maintain their elegant appearance. A dense heavyweight vinyl backing ensures longevity.