388 Swisslon Uni™

  • Thickness: 8.5 mm
  • Absorption capacity: 5.5 liters/m²
  • Fire Rating Cfl-S1
  • Choice of 6 rich monochrome colours.
  • Available Colours: Black; Blue; Brown; Charcoal; Grey; Red; Taupe
  • Roll Sizes: 130cm x 20m; 200cm x 20m

Uni-coloured entrance matting with exceptional scraping and unsurpassed water absorbing qualities (5.5 litres per m²) for large indoor entrance areas, including wall-to-wall applications and stairs.

Coarse yarns provide superb scraping and absorbing of dirt and moisture. Rich mono-colour tones stay bright even after prolonged use and hide dirt to maintain their elegant appearance. A dense heavyweight vinyl backing ensures longevity.