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Chamber of Commerce nr. 24311532

Contact Details:
T +31 (0) 180 615 744
F +31 (0) 180 611 551

Achterzeedijk 57, Unit 1
2992 SB Barendrecht
The Netherlands

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We work closely with our Notrax® distributors to grow the matting business. With product training to share expertise on how to help customers select the best mat for their working environment, as well as site visits and customer feedback that provides invaluable information for our innovations team to continuously make product improvements or design new products.

Understanding and responding to our customers' specific needs reflects our interest and pleasure in serving our distributors and their customers.  Our belief in strong customer and supplier relationships is the foundation of our business.  We fully and solely utilize our global distributor network to sell Notrax® floor matting.

We support our distributors from the very beginning with in-depth product trainings for the entire sales team to become acquainted with our range of product solutions, the background and the science behind every Notrax® product and how best to position each product to make selection easier for their clients.

We provide full marketing support with brochures, folders, product photos and access to our database of product information. 

Our 24-hour online ordering and invoicing system simplifies the ordering process and our sales support team will help answer any further questions or advise on how best to position a product.

Our warehouse operations are LEAN and we strive to ship within 24-hours of processing your order.  Plus our drop shipment capabilities mean we ship directly to your client, to reduce the risk of stocking products and delivery time. 

Chicago, Illinois
Rubber Production and Logistics

Moselle, Mississippi
Plastics Production and Logistics


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