Stop Dirt at the Door

Stop Dirt at the Door

Carpet Care Starts at the Entrance

Notrax Swisslon Plus Entrance Mat

The main hazard to carpeting is dirt and soils.  Carpet soils have a texture that is similar to a razor, and as carpets are walked on, their fibres can be cut. This shortens the overall life span of the carpet. 

Prevention is the best cure. 

80% of dirt and soil is brought into facilities by foot traffic.   Besides being the first impression to people entering the building, entrance mats perform three main functions:

1. Scrape and trap dirt. 

Proper use of entrance matting can reduce the amount of dirt that is brought into the building that would otherwise get trapped in interior carpeting.  Brush matting is made from coarse yarns to scrape shoes in transit to remove up to 40% of heavy dirt and debris. Over a 20 day period, 1000 people will deposit 24 pounds of dirt.  

2. Clean shoes to extend floor life.  

Within the first 6 feet, 42 % of the floor’s finish or carpet nap will be removed after only 1500 people have entered.  Entrance matting absorbs much of the initial abuse to extend the life of the interior flooring or carpeting to protect the investment. 

3. Dry shoes to prevent slipping. 

Wet, slippery floors are dangerous.  Public entrances are even legally required to keep floors safe.   Entrance matting can absorb up to 5 litres of water per square meter to ensure that shoes are dried properly to avoid slips and falls on wet floors. 

It is important to choose entrance matting with these functions in mind to maximize the benefits.  For large entrances, a combination can be made of single function entrance mats, brush mats for scraping, combination of brush and absorbent mats for cleaning and absorbent mats for drying.  However, smaller entrances of shops and office buildings often do not have the space to allow a full matting system.  Not to worry, there are a number of multi-function entrance mats that combine coarse scraping yarns, with softer absorbent yarns to still function effectively in smaller entrances. 

Notrax® has a full selection of outdoor and indoor matting for professional and commercial use.  Indoor matting is available in single zone, multi-zone and multi-functional entrance matting in a variety of colours and materials that suit any entrance to create a total matting solution for a comfortable yet safe entrance.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Entrance mats function optimally when regularly cleaned. By removing soils through a combination of grooming, vacuuming, and extraction, the mat’s life span can be extended. A maintenance schedule should include daily vacuuming of the top surface, especially in heavy traffic areas, to prevent dirt from building up and bring ground into the mat.  Weekly grooming of the carpet will maximize vacuuming by loosening the fibres and creating easier access to the soil underneath.  Grooming also helps to aerate fibres to allow quicker drying.  Also sweep or vacuum under the mat to clean the floor or carpet underneath. Monthly injection and extraction shampooing will clean fibres and remove any leftover dirt.

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