Slabmat Carré™ Modular Rubber Flooring

Slabmat Carré™ Modular Rubber Flooring

Protect Floors and Equipment

Notrax Slabmat Carre Modular Rubber Flooring for Heavy Duty Usage

Specially designed to be able to withstand heavy loads, the Slabmat™ is a durable rubber mat to protect floors and heavy equipment from damage.  The Slabmat™ is a 12,7mm thick slab of solid rubber to which it owes its name and is ideal for the storage of extremely heavy machine parts, large engine molds and engine blocks. It is also widely used in gyms, weight rooms, skating rinks, golf courses, trailers and stables.  

The Slabmat™ heavy duty industrial rubber mats are used for insulation, floor protection, slip prevention and many more industrial applications. Rubber is naturally resilient as well as resistant to heat, cold, abrasion, and oxidation, making it ideal for use in the toughest industrial environments.   Until now, the Slabmat™ was available in one standard size of 120cm x 180cm, making covering larger areas and custom installations difficult and time consuming.  Further, weighing 36kg per mat, the Slabmat™ was heavy and cumbersome to install and relocate.   

Introducing the Slabmat Carré™ modular rubber mat system.  This heavy duty rubber system is modular with 91cm x 91 cm connectable rubber tiles that can be laid out to cover large areas making it quick and easy to create dedicated or temporary flooring or storage for heavy equipment.  

The Slabmat Carré™ tiles easily connect to form a 13mm thick platform with a seamless surface that can withstand heavy weights. Creating custom configurations such as L-shapes, islands and even wall to wall installations is easy and weighing just less than 15kg per mat tile, installation is practically effortless.  Mat sections can also be extended or replaced as needed.

The Slabmat Carré™ connectors are designed to attach under the mat that create a secure connection without gluing, but can still be easily taken apart for reconfiguration or storage.

With the same characteristics as the well-known Slabmat™, the Slabmat Carré™ is made from a high quality and extremely tough 100% natural rubber compound that is virtually indestructible.   Reinforced heavy duty safety ramps are solid rubber and 10cm wide to withstand abuse from carts with heavy loads.  The safety ramps have bevelled edges to prevent tripping and allow easy access onto the mat.  The textured top surface is non-slip to ensure sure footing and freedom of movement.

Notrax® Floormatting is a leading manufacturer of specialized industrial matting.  Notrax® mats are manufactured to withstand harsh industrial environments.