Shocking Static Statistics

Shocking Static Statistics

There is a growing demand for anti-static solutions in industrial and commercial environments.

What is ESD?

ESD Electro Static Discharge Protective Matting

Static electricity is everywhere, especially in the winter when air becomes drier. In many facilities, people are one of the prime generators of static electricity. The simple act of walking around or even sitting on certain types of stools can generate several thousand volts on the human body.

Static buildup is usually unnoticed until it is discharged known as Electro-Static Discharge (ESD). Once discharged, employees can feel an extremely shock. If the discharge was felt, it was probably more than 2000 volts. If the discharge was heard, it could have been between 3000 – 5000 Volts. And if there was a blue spark, the shock was most likely more than 10,000 Volts. If not properly controlled, static build up can cause unpleasant shocks to employees as well as unseen damage to electrical components.

Why the sudden need for ESD?

In the 90’s, computer chips were manufactured with on-chip protection to safeguard them from static discharge. However, on-chip protection was removed to make hardware smaller and more sophisticated, causing these higher performance components to become much more vulnerable to electrical interference.

Software component sensitivity, that was once over 1000 Volts, is currently around 50 Volts and even predicted to drop to as little as 25 Volts. Static discharge can cause usually unseen damage to electronic equipment or partially damage or weaken a component resulting in later failure.
Preventing static buildup has therefore become a priority for building designers, facility managers and operations leaders.

Plus more and more industries are susceptible to static due to the increased use of technology. Computers in some form are in almost everything these days. From toasters to televisions, from manufacturers to logistics to call centers, just about every industry is prone to static build up and its shocking effects.

So why matting?

ESD Electro Static Discharge Protective Matting

There are a number of ESD products to help reduce or eliminate static buildup from furniture, gear, footwear to flooring. Out of these multitude of products, many facility managers view static-free flooring as the most-effective means to prevent ESD from becoming a problem. ESD rubber flooring has even been cited by MIT Lincoln Laboratories as having the most effective static protection for any application and the only static resistant product that works regardless of footwear.

ESD matting solutions range from dissipative to conductive to meet IEC61340-4-14 requirements. Static dissipative matting has an electrical resistance range of 106 – 109 measured in Ohms. Charges will flow to ground more slowly and in a somewhat more controlled manner than with conductive materials. Conductive matting will drain static even faster with an even lower electrical resistance range measured between 104 – 106 Ohms. For safety, conductive matting resistance should not be lower than 104 Ohms.

Notrax® ESD Matting Solutions

In response to the increasing demand, Notrax® introduced a variety of Electro Static Discharge (ESD) protective mats which are anti-fatigue matting that are specially formulated to drain static electricity from workers thereby avoiding unpleasant static shock while safeguarding equipment. Over the past years, Notrax® has seen demand for its ESD anti-static matting and accessories increase drastically.ESD Electro Static Discharge Protective Matting

Notrax® Diamond Stat™ is by far its best-selling ESD static dissipative anti-fatigue mat manufactured with Notrax® uniquely engineered UniFushion™ technology and RedStop™ slip resistant backing. The PVC laminated top surface has a diamond deck plate pattern that provides traction while allowing easy twist turns and the 14,3 mm thickness offers comfort for standing employees. The mat is equipped with a 10 mm female socket for grounding. Diamond Stat™ is available in stock sizes, full rolls, and per linear meter.

Notrax® Cushion-Ease Solid™ is available in both static dissipative and conductive versions as square interlocking tiles that allow on site customization. Its 19 mm thick working platform has superb anti-fatigue properties owed to its unique design and resilient rubber compounds. The mat is equipped with a 10 mm female socket for grounding.

Notrax® also offers a full range of ESD accessories including grounding cords, wrist bands, heel grounders and ESD mat cleaner.

NEW Introducing Skywalker HD™ ESD version

Notrax® has also developed a new rubber ESD dissipative version of the well-known Skywalker™ line. These 91cm x 91cm interlocking mats connect to make any shape or size and have an ergonomic bubble pattern for superb anti-fatigue benefits and a grit surface for anti-slip. Yellow safety bevels finish off the customized mat to avoid tripping.

The craftsmanship of the underside of the mat is what sets this mat apart. Its engineered design ensures that the mat is lightweight and offers the right amount of comfort, yet remains industrial-grade for long-term durability. Skywalker HD™ ESD is definitely light years ahead.

For more information on Notrax® line of ESD matting and accessories, please contact us or call +31 180 615 744 or 0800 NOTRAX EU.

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