Safety Stance Solid™

Notrax® Floormatting is proud to introduce the Safety Stance Solid™ anti-fatigue mat for the toughest dry industrial applications.

Notrax Safety Stance Solid

The idea for the Safety Stance Solid™ came from a long-time Safety Stance™ customer who wanted a mat with the same anti-fatigue properties, but that was closed and easy to clean to use in assembly areas where small tools and parts could get lost. The mat needed to keep the robust structure, composition, oil resistance and overall tough product.  The challenge was to create a heavy duty rubber mat that could withstand the heaviest industrial environments while offering excellent comfort and superb slip resistance even in the case of spills.

After a period of intense product research and development, Notrax® is proud to introduce its latest innovation: the Safety Stance Solid™ anti-fatigue mat; a literal embodiment of safety, comfort and durability. 


As the name suggests, safety is one of the main priorities with the Safety Stance Solid™.  The unique Diamond Grid™ top surface provides exceptional traction and the grooved channels drain away any incidental liquid or oil from accidental spills. The Safety Stance Solid™ is non-shifting and its closed design ensures easy cleaning as well as prevents small items such as bolts and screws and from falling through the mat. 


The unique composition of the 20 mm thick ergonomic worker platform evenly distributes weight and stimulates continuous micro-movements of the feet minimizing blood pooling in the legs.  Further, the use of anti-fatigue mats correct balance and restore uniform distribution between the right and left leg.  This helps to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and improve efficiency and productivity.


Although this mat is intended for use in dry industrial environments, the Safety Stance Solid™ is made from a tough 100% nitrile compound that is suited for multi-shift operations and is also resistant to most industrial oils can withstand harsh chemicals and is free of silicone therefore safe for vehicle painting facilities.

Safety Stance Solid™ is available in three standard sizes that can be loose laid directly in front of machinery with no further installation required.  Three orange bevelled edges prevent tripping and clearly mark the edge of the mat to comply with OSHA Code 1910-144.  

For irregular sizes or unique configurations, Safety Stance Solid™ is also available in custom sizes that are made to exact design specifications by the experienced Notrax® production team.