Promoting a clean & safe environment in your gym

As gyms & saunas across Europe begin to open their doors for the first time in several months, there will need to be a lot of changes put in place in order to adhere to the strict safety guidelines for customers and staff.

Slabmat in Use in a Gym

Other than washing your hands regularly or using a hand sanitizer, there are several other things you must consider to promote a clean & safe environment in your gym:

1. Ensure proper ventilation

Ventilation is a very important factor that can be overlooked. COVID particles can float in the air in a room that is poorly ventilated, increasing the risk of rapid infection.  Make sure you have good ventilation in place either through an extraction system or ensuring airflow by opening windows and doors.


2. Sanitizing equipment 

Use a disinfectant solution to wipe down equipment after every single use and to also sanitize high-touch areas such as door handles, taps, bathrooms, showers, water stations etc.  You should make sure that signage and sanitizing stations are placed throughout for easy identification.  Ensure customers and staff are strictly following the guidelines. It's a matter of the safety of yourself and everyone around you.

Sanitizing surfaces

3. Signage & floor marking

Ensure signage is placed and sanitizing stations are placed throughout for easy identification. Ensure there is sufficient spacing between the equipment and ensure that the mandatory social distancing rules can be effectively applied.  If they cannot, then you must limit the number of persons allowed into your gym at any one time. 

Accuform Tough Mark Floor Marking Strips

4. Don't forget the floor!

Hygienic and sanitizing matting can be used at entrances and inside locker rooms to prevent the spread of bacteria.  Our range of locker room matting is antimicrobial and be easily washed down and cleaned with the added benefit of keeping feet from the cold ground and from touching groundwater from showers etc.

Hospital Room

recent study by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), found that COVID-19 droplets can travel in the air up to 4 meters (13 feet)! When someone who is infected coughs or sneezes, the virus droplets land on the ground to then be walked over and carried further to other areas on shoes. The CDC conducted its test at Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, China in the centre of the coronavirus outbreak.

The research team discovered the virus on floors, computer mice, trash cans, sickbed handrails and doorknobs. What is most revealing in their study is that half of the medical teams’ shoes tested positive for the virus.

Even more shocking, was that the floor in the hospital pharmacy, where no patients are allowed or had been, had a 100% rate of positive results for COVID-19. Meaning the virus was being spread from the floors in the wards by the medical team on their shoes. This also means that the medical team, patients, visitors, cleaners and anyone else working in the hospital could also take the virus home with them on their shoes.

Someone with the virus coughs or sneezes in the supermarket and some droplets land on the floor, this is then walked through by someone else, the virus transfers to their shoes, and they then leave the store, get into their car where the virus is spread again to their car floor, and they then enter their homes with the virus still on their shoes. The CDC concluded at the end of their study that stricter measures should be taken to sanitize footwear.

Disinfect Shoes at the Door

At Notrax® we have several disinfectant matting solutions to help you further prevent the spread of COVID-19. Based on the resounding success of our 346 Sani-Trax™ sanitizing mat which has been used in the food industry for decades and often used as a defence to keep out contaminants in this industry during outbreaks of bird flu and other infectious viruses, our R&D has been working tirelessly to incorporate this solution into our entrance matting system to create a quick and easy disinfection solution for all entrances as a way to prevent further spreading of the COVID-19 virus.

Notrax 535 Soft-Step Hygienic Matting

Whereas before our entrance matting systems had three specific zones dedicated to scraping, cleaning and drying, the impact of the new COVID-19 virus and recent research on the spreading of the virus via shoes and other surfaces, has raised the need for an additional zone, namely sanitation, to prevent any bacteria from entering the facility or home.

346 Sani-Trax Original Sanitizing Entrance Mat

Naturally Notrax®

We do not just manufacture matting.  We focus on customer problems and working together with them to create a matting product that would resolve the issue.  And if we don’t have the perfect product, then our research and development team takes over with a new product design process.  We are constantly developing products to address new issues that arise in the market. 

Our R&D has been working tirelessly to incorporate this solution into our entrance matting system to create a quick and easy disinfection solution for all entrances as a way to prevent further spreading of the COVID-19 virus.

As COVID-19 continues to impact industries across the world, we are working with our customers to develop a new range of sanitizing entrance matting.  Stay tuned….


346 Sani-Trax™ “Original” Sanitizing Entrance Mat

Cleans and sanitizes shoes and is recommended at entrances to all buildings. Rubber tips bend under pressure to immerse soles in a disinfectant solution.

  Sani-Trax Sanitizing Mat New Smaller Size Sani Trax Sanitizing Mat 60x81cm

Now also available in 45 x 60 cm.

  • Available sizes: 45cm x 60cm, 60cm x 81cm
  • Thickness: 19 mm
  • 100% natural rubber compound
  • Holds up to 4 ½ litres of disinfecting solution
  • Accessories: 354 Electrolysed Water Disinfectant


354 Electrolysed Water Disinfectant

354 Electroylsed Water Disinfectant

Electrolysed Water Disinfectant can be used as sanitizing liquid in the Notrax® 346 Sani-Trax® sanitizing entrance mats.  Justrite® Electrolysed Water Disinfectant kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria such as COVID-19. It helps to kill the virus on hands, clothing and shoes without any irritation to eyes or skin and does not damage or bleach clothing. Electrolysed water is non-toxic and non-flammable and therefore does not require hazardous or chemical storage or handling precautions. Read more about how it works here

Can we be used with sanitizing matting such as the 346 Sani-Trax®. 

536 Akwadek™ Hygienic Matting

Durable hygienic matting creates a healthier and safer environment in wet areas such as shower facilities. 

 536 Akwadek Hygiene Pool Matting Blue  536 Akwadek Grey in Gym Locker Room

  • Heavy-duty UV-resistant antibacterial PVC grid matting
  • Thickness: 12 mm
  • Available in blue and grey