Notrax® SkyStep™

The next step in ergonomic engineering.

Based on the award-winning design of Notrax SkyWalkerHD™, the SkyStep™ is the newest addition to the Notrax anti-fatigue matting range.
Notrax SkyStep
The Power of Air

Ergonomically engineered, the SkyStep™ utilizes the power of air.  The mat is designed to suction to the ground to prevent the mat from shifting while trapping air in its chambers.  These air pockets combined with the resiliency of the rubber create an ultimate cushioning effect while keeping the mat lightweight.

SkyStep™ 13mm thick standalone rubber mats come in two sizes, 60 x 90 cm, 90 x 120 cm, 90 x 150 cm, and have a gritted bubble surface pattern to provide maximum fatigue relief while maintaining its anti-slip properties.  SkyStep™ is moulded from a high quality industrial rubber compound with integrated bevelled edges on all four sides to prevent tripping on the mat.  

3 Versions: Natural Rubber, Nitrile or ESD

SkyStep™ is available in a selection of compounds for specialized industrial applications such as general purpose, oil-proof or ESD static dissipative.  The natural rubber compound is recommended for general purpose applications in dry industrial areas.  A 100% nitrile rubber version is also available that is resistant to oils, greases and other industrial fluids.  The SkyStep™ ESD is formulated to drain static electricity from workers and fulfills the requirement of category DIF (static dissipative) with a vertical resistance between 106 – 109 Ohms.

Advancing Anti-Fatigue

Standing on hard surfaces for long periods has been proven to lead to discomfort and fatigue.  Long-term standing causes muscles to constrict, reducing blood flow. This makes muscles and joints hurt, and it causes blood to stagnate. So it is no surprise that documented complaints of lower back pain is highest in workers who stand 4 hours or more per day.  Research, dating back to 1972, documents the consequences of fatigue in workers and how it can be improved by the use of an anti-fatigue mat. A new study by prof. Redha Taiar (2011) of University of Reims compared the effects of fatigue on workers standing on the hard floor to working standing on an anti-fatigue mat.  The results illustrated that an anti-fatigue mat enables correct balance and a uniform distribution of weight between the right and left leg as well as substantially reduced pain.

Naturally Notrax®

Notrax is often referred to as one of the pioneers in anti-fatigue matting design and manufacturing.  Notrax® anti-fatigue floor mats are made of specific formulations and designs that provide fatigue relief which contribute to increased productivity, safety and employee satisfaction.