Notrax® Launches New Ergonomic, Anti-fatigue & Safety Matting Catalog

Notrax® Launches New Ergonomic, Anti-fatigue & Safety Matting catalog

Superior Manufacturing Group Europe has launched its new line of Notrax® Ergonomic, Anti-fatigue & Safety Matting catalog with a new selection of product innovations  for industrial applications.  Notrax Industrial Catalog #6

New Rubber Mats
Notrax® introduced the 649 Safety Stance Solid™ heavy duty nitrile mat for the toughest 24-7 industrial applications.  Modelled after the bestselling 549 Safety Stance™.  The 649 Safety Stance Solid™ is oil-resistant and has a closed diamond-grid surface with a R10 anti-slip rating.
Notrax® introduced the 460 Skywalker HD™ modular matting range earlier in 2013 which now includes the Skywalker HD i-Curve™ 45-degree inner curve, the Skywalker HD o-Curve™ 22,5-degree outer curve and the Skywalker HD Yellow™ safety line.   This complete interlocking system can be installed on site to make any configuration, including curves, S-curves and complete circles up to 182 cm wide.  The Skywalker HD™ range is available in 5 rubber compounds for general purpose applications, resistance to oil, ESD Electrostatic Discharge protection and fire retardant with a rating of Bfl-S1 according to EN-13501 European Fire testing.

New Grid Mats
Notrax® introduced the 537 Flexdek™ and 539 Gripwalker™ PVC grid matting with an open structure for excellent drainage in wet areas.   

New Industrial Specialties
New products in the industrial specialties division include the modular Slabmat Carré™, the toughest industrial mat for heavy machinery and flooring, and the redesigned Sorb Stance™ anti-fatigue mat for use with sorbents in extremely oily areas, which will be available later this year.  The Grit Trax™ gritted anti-slip runner has already received great response as a quick solution to extremely slippery areas.

New Food Production Matting
Notrax® introduced the RED line, a specialized anti-fatigue matting line specifically for the food production industry that offers grease resistance, anti-slip safety and are available in both open versions for drainage and closed versions for easy cleaning.

New Hygienic Matting
Notrax® introduced the BLUE line, a specialized anti-slip matting line especially for bare feet that is anti-bacterially treated; ideal for around swimming pools, changing rooms, shower areas and saunas. Matting is available in blue, but also grey and white.

These new Notrax® products will become available during 2014.  For more information contact us or call +31 180 615 744 or 0800 NOTRAX EU.

The new Notrax® Ergonomic, Anti-fatigue & Safety Matting catalog is already available online in multiple languages.