Notrax® Launches Entrance Matting Catalog

Superior Manufacturing Group Europe will be launching its new line of Notrax® Dust Control matting products at ISSA Interclean 2012 along with a new product catalogue.

Notrax® Dust Control mats come in many shapes and sizes and with different functions, from outdoor rubber mats that scrape large debris and have holes for excellent drainage, to indoor scraper and absorbent mats that remove fine debris and clean and dry shoes.

Dust control entrance matting is the first line of defense in keeping dirt and debris from entering the building. A proper entrance matting system can remove up to 80% of dirt. Entrance matting is even cited by LEED to clean shoes and prevent tracking outside contaminants into the space, as well as to preserve the floor by absorbing much of the initial abuse that would otherwise shorten the floor’s usable life.

Superior Manufacturing Group Europe will display its new line of Notrax® dust control mats at the 2012 ISSA Interclean Tradeshow in May 2012.