Notrax® Featured in Tomorrow's Safety & Health

Notrax® Featured in Tomorrow's Safety & Health

Fire Retardant Matting Ideal for Fire Hazard Zones

Notrax Fire Retardant Industrial Matting

Welding, cutting, brazing, soldering, and grinding of metal in the manufacturing industries have one dangerous thing in common: these activities constitute a serious fire hazard.  Another common denominator, often these activities are performed by workers who are standing for long periods of time which can result in muscular skeletal disorders.

Notrax® Floor matting has the ideal solution:  the Cushion Ease Solid™ FR fire retardant anti-fatigue matting.  The Cushion Ease Solid™ FR is the perfect combination of ergonomic, anti-fatigue and fire safety matting in one for workers standing and working for long periods of time in fire hazard zones.

Fire classification Bfl-S1

Fire resistant flooring has two main functions.   The mats function as a safeguard in fire hazard zones to withstand the heat, sparks, and slag or welding and other activities in accordance with the OSHA standard .  Further in the event of a fire, the fire-resistant mats are hard to burn and therefore extend the time that a fire spreads, giving workers precious time to fight the fire or escape compared to other mats.

Cushion Ease Solid™ FR matting complies with the strictest European norms for fire safety with a classification of Bfl-S1 according to the EN 13501-1 rating.  In order to achieve the fire rating, products are tested for fire behavior in independent laboratories for Ignitability and Reaction to Fire.
The first letter B indicates the “hard to burn” fire behavior; the “fl” stands for flooring.  The S1 indicates a low amount of smoke when burning.  Smoke fumes which may be released from burning materials are one of the most dangerous elements of a fire.

Ergonomic Comfort

With a 19 mm thick comfort platform, the Cushion Ease Solid™ FR offers comfort during long hours of standing and insulates workers from the hard surface, temperature, vibrations, moisture and sound.  Plus each mat is custom finished with beveled edges on all sides to minimize the risk of tripping.  It has been tested for slip-resistance (R10) and was certified by the National Floor Safety Institute.  The mats are made from a tough 100% nitrile rubber compound that ensures durability, oil resistance and its fire-resistant properties.
Modular Tiles for Custom Configurations

The Cushion Ease Solid™ FR 91 cm x 91 cm modular tiles easily snap together for a quick and easy installation of any shape or size. These interlocking mats allow on site customization to cover large areas, customize specific work stations or create individual islands.
Superior Manufacturing Group is one of the world's largest integrated manufacturers of Notrax dust control and industrial floor matting.  The privately held corporation has grown significantly since its humble beginnings in 1948 and still maintains its headquarters in Chicago with facilities in Georgia, Mississippi, Illinois and Rhode Island in the United States and Barendrecht in The Netherlands.  Our commitment is to make quality products and to continue looking for innovative ways of serving our customers.

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