Notrax® Cushion Trax® Receives Improved Fire Rating

The new fire rating of Bfl-S1 for Notrax® Cushion Trax® makes it unique in its class of industrial-grade anti-fatigue matting products on the market.

The Notrax® industrial anti-fatigue matting product, Cushion Trax®, was tested according to the European Standards (EN 13501) and received Bfl-S1, one of the highest fire ratings possible for flooring. Cushion Trax® had a fire rating of B1 according to German standards (DIN4102), but with the integration of EU and the standardization of the testing norms, the Cushion Trax® was retested and received an even higher rating.

In order to achieve the fire rating, products are tested for fire behavior in independent laboratories for Ignitability and Reaction to Fire. The first letter B(fl) indicates the fire behavior and the S1, which stands for Smoke, indicates the low amount of smoke.

The Notrax® Cushion Trax® is already a best-selling industrial anti-fatigue matting product mostly in production facilities due to its long wearing top surface with Uni-Fushion™ technology that is engineered to resist the harshest work environments. Cushion Trax® also features the unique RedStop™ anti-slip backing that prevents the mat from shifting. Plus each mat is custom finished with beveled edges on all sides to minimize the risk of tripping. It has been tested for slip-resistance (R10) and was certified by the National Floor Safety Institute. With a 14 mm thick comfort platform Cushion Trax® offers comfort during long hours of standing and insulates workers from the hard surface, temperature, vibrations, moisture and sound. The diamond plate top surface has a dual function of providing traction while ensuring freedom of movement.

CushionTrax® is available in black, gray or black with yellow borders in full rolls as well as per linear meter. Now also available in black or black with yellow safety borders up to 152 cm wide.