Notrax® Cushion Trax® is once again best in class

Notrax® Cushion Trax® is once again best in class

479 Cushion Trax Anti-Faitgue MatAlready the bestselling anti-fatigue mat in its class due to its wide range of features, best in class comfort for both static and dynamic workstations, the 479 Cushion Trax® is known for offering superb comfort, durability, and safety.

The reputation of the 479 Cushion Trax® has been earned from over 30 years of industrial use combined with continued research, development and new technologies to add specific features that have improved durability, safety and performance.  

Continued product development over 30 years

  • 2001 - Custom sizes were introduced to ensure each mat could be made to the exact dimensions of the workstation while ensuring bevelled edges and safety borders to avoid tripping on the mat
  • 2005 - UniFusion™ lamination technology was introduced giving a lifetime guarantee that the protective PVC top surface would not delaminate from the soft sponge backing
  • 2006 –Tested for slip-resistance (R10) and was certified by the National Floor Safety Institute
  • 2008 - Red Stop™ technology was introduced to create a slip-resistant backing so the mat would adhere to the floor and would not shift during use
  • 2012 - Certified Bfl-S1 - one of the highest fire ratings possible for matting according to European Standards
  • 2014 - Extra widths were added up to 152 cm wide and longer rolls were produced for long aisle solutions
  • 2015 –Received best allrounder rating for dynamic and static workstations
  • 2017 –Tested for anti-vibration properties to reduce whole body vibrations (WBV) exposure

Best in class fire rating

Once again, the 479 Cushion Trax® has received the Bfl-S1 rating according to European Standards EN-13501-1 as tested by the TUV Laboratories.  In order to achieve the fire rating, products are tested for fire behaviour in independent laboratories for ignitability and reaction to fire.  The first letter B(fl) indicates the fire behaviour and the S1, which stands for smoke, indicates the low amount of smoke.  The product is re-tested every five years to revalidate the certification. 

High level of comfort

Feedback from employees was also used to support the research using observations from workers who compared working on anti-fatigue mats to working on the hard floor and noting their level of comfort and fatigue every hour during eight-hour shifts. One worker commented: “Less fatigue in the legs at the end of the day and less muscular and articular troubles, better absorption of weight.” 


The National Floor Safety Institute (NSFI) certified the 479 Cushion Trax® for floor safety after passing rigorous testing for anti-slip properties.  The 479 Cushion Trax® has also received an R10 anti-slip rating according to DIN51130 and BG-rule BGR181. It is available with yellow borders along the sides which comply with OSHA code 1910-144.

All-rounder anti-fatigue mat

479 Cushion Trax Yellow Black

The 479 Cushion Trax® is also the most diverse being used in a large variety of applications. The Notrax® Cushion Trax® is already a best-selling industrial anti-fatigue matting product used mostly in production facilities due to its long-wearing top surface with Uni-Fushion™ technology that is engineered to resist the harshest work environments.  

Its diamond plate tread offers flexibility of movement for easy twists and turns which makes it the preferred mat for manufacturing plants, production and assembly lines, logistics and packing stations where it is used mostly for long aisle solutions and individual workstations.  
The classy look of the grey and black mats works just as well in commercial applications behind shop counters, hotel reception desks and supermarkets. The PVC top layer resists all types of footwear including high heels.

The 479 Cushion Trax® has a proven track record which makes it the mat of choice for industrial and commercial users.  The latest fire rating is yet another accolade that makes Notrax® Cushion Trax® unique in its class of industrial-grade anti-fatigue matting products.

479 Cushion Trax® is available in black, grey or black with yellow borders in full rolls as well as per linear meter up to 152 cm wide. 

Related products

826 Diamond Stat™ is an ESD version of the 479 Cushion Trax®.  Constructed from a PVC material that is static dissipative and meets IEC61340-4-1 (category DIF), measured resistance Rg 106 - 109 Ω, Rp 106 - 109 Ω. Electrostatic charge (walking test), meets ISO6356 and EN1815.

570 De-Flex™ was launched in 2017 as a modular rubber tile version of the 479 Cushion Trax® where specific attention was made to maintain the high level of comfort, the well-known diamond plate pattern and safety features, whilst adding the features of modularity for coverage of large areas and custom configurations.

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