Master Flex™ Entrance Matting System by Notrax®

Master Flex™ Entrance Matting System by Notrax®

Master Flex Entrance Matting System by NotraxIntroducing the revolutionary modular multi-zone entrance matting system.

Design-driven Innovation

The new Master Flex™ design blends the functionalities of a multi zone entrance matting system with the ease of on-site modular installation into an effective and ingenious matting solution. This full service matting system offers a smooth and harmonious transition from outdoor to indoor as well as from scraping to cleaning to drying. The large quality carpet mat inserts in a variety of colors easily coordinate with the aesthetics of the building and interior design while providing excellent absorption of moisture to dry shoes and prevent slips and falls.

The Master Flex™ entrance matting system offers all the benefits of a matting tile that is easily installed, rearranged or replaced. Its unique interlocking system creates a durable and seamless connection that can be effortlessly installed by hand. The 50 cm x 50 cm tiles cover sizeable areas easily and can be assembled on-site for installation in recessed matwell frames in large entrances. Made from a durable natural rubber compound that is inherently resilient, anti-slip and withstands the heaviest foot traffic. The mat has excellent adherence and adapts to any surface while the raised studs underneath allow water to drain through, keeping the surface clean and dry.

Master Flex Entrance Matting System by NotraxMaster Flex Entrance Matting System by Notrax

Main Features of the Master Flex™ Entrance Matting System by Notrax®

Modularity and Functionality – an easy to install rubber tile system with seamless connections to create any size entrance mat with all the advantages of

a carpet tile that can be easily replaced.  The modularity also makes it possible to create a multi-zone entrance matting system that combines an outdoor scraping mat with a large insert of quality carpet for enhanced functionality of the scraping, cleaning and drying zones to prevent the maximum amount of dirt from entering the building and prevent slips and falls. 

Master Flex Entrance Matting System by Notrax

Style and Choice – The Master Flex™ can be customized with a large selection of quality carpet inserts in different materials, patterns and colors.  The 593 Master Flex™ C12 can even be fitted with custom-printed logo mat inserts that are printed in any color or design for permanent installations or promotional events.  

Safety and Accessibility – Rubber is naturally resilient, versatile and slip-resistant making it very effective in warm countries with rain or cold countries with snow.  The 590 Master Flex™ D23 has a classic rubber honeycomb design with an open octagonal construction with large drainage holes used especially in extremely snowy areas. The design of the Master Flex™ D12 is based on the unique design of the Oct-O-Flex™ with small drainage holes that are EU compliant for public entrances. Plus its smooth surface makes it suitable for wheeled access (carts, wheelchairs, suitcases, etc.).

Easy Installation and Customization - the Master Flex™ C12 can be installed by hand without the need for hammers or tools. The connection system of male and female connectors attach together without the need for glue, screws, clamps, rails or frames making installation, literally, a snap.  Simply lay the first tile in place then align the connection points of the following tile and lay it on top. Align, place, repeat. It really is that simple.  For bespoke mat sizes, the rubber tiles can be cut with a utility knife using a metal ruler as a guide.  Notrax® Recess Fillers adjust the depth of existing mat wells to correct measurements.

Price Effective

The innovation in design, choice of quality rubber and carpet materials and advances in production have resulted in a more functional product.  The outcome is also a more cost-effective entrance matting system that is changing the market.

Naturally Notrax®

Notrax® has a full selection of outdoor and indoor matting for professional use.  Indoor matting is available in single zone, multi-zone and multi-functional entrance matting in a variety of colours and materials that suit any entrance to create a total matting solution for a stylish and safe entrance.  With our LEAN operations in Barendrecht, The Netherlands, SMGE produces, finishes or customizes Notrax® products to ship within 24-hours for distribution around the world.