Introducing Notrax® Swisslon Brush™

The newest member of the Notrax® Dust Control Matting line: Swisslon Brush™.

Notrax® Swisslon Brush Dust Control Matting

The Swisslon Brush™ is a high quality entrance matting product with the multi-zone function of scraping, cleaning and drying shoes to prevent dirt from entering the premises. This premium barrier matting can be loose laid, placed in recess frames or professionally installed in large indoor entrances, rotating doors and wall to wall applications. The Swisslon Brush™ has a distinctive tri-coloured grit pattern that blends well with any interior and is remarkable at hiding dirt and grime while maintaining its great looking appearance to keep commercial entrances clean and presentable for the longest time.

The Swisslon Brush™ is made with high quality polyamide fibers that retain more than 5 litres per square meter for maximum absorption of rain and mud. The additional monofilament fibers ensure outstanding scraping and superb crush resistance. A dense heavyweight vinyl backing ensures longevity. It is the perfect solution for public or commercial entrances with heavy foot traffic such as airports, hotels, schools and universities, hospitals, department stores, banks, restaurants and public buildings.
With a fire rating of Bfl-S1, the Swisslon Brush™ meets European building codes and fire safety requirements for large public and commercial buildings.

Entrance matting is the first line of defense in keeping dirt and debris from entering the building. A proper entrance matting system can remove up to 80% of dirt. Entrance matting also reduces cleaning costs, cleaning chemicals and extends the life of the floor by absorbing much of the initial abuse.