Introducing Notrax® Oct-O-Flex™

Introducing the Next Generation of Outdoor Rubber Entrance Mats: Oct-O-Flex™

Notrax Oct-O-Flex Entrance Matting

The Notrax® Oct-O-Flex™ rubber entrance mat is nothing like its predecessors. 

Stylish and functional

What sets this mat apart is its stylish and unique design with small drainage holes that are EU compliant for public entrances and a smooth surface making it the ideal mat for wheeled access (carts, wheelchairs, suitcases, etc.). 

The main function of this outdoor rubber mat is to stop dirt, grit and grime from entering the building.  Oct-O-Flex™ is made from durable rubber compounds that withstand the heaviest of foot traffic, are easy to clean and practically weather proof. The mat has excellent adherence and adapts to any surface while the raised knobs underneath allow water to easily drain through, keeping the surface clean and dry.

Notrax® Oct-O-Flex™ for Recessed Frames or Large Entrances

Notrax® Oct-O-Flex™ is available in two standard sizes or can be customized to any size. Notrax® Oct-O-Flex™ is also available with connectors to cover large entrances or large areas for a great anti-slip solution to prevent slips and falls in wet, muddy or snowy entrances.

Notrax® Oct-O-Flex Bevelled™ for Loose Lay

Notrax® Oct-O-Flex Bevelled™ is available with moulded bevelled edges that avoid tripping on the mat and is perfect for loose lay. The mat comes in three standard sizes that match any entrance.

The Notrax® Oct-O-Flex™ rubber entrance mat leaves traditional ring mats and honeycomb mats in the dust.