196 BrilliantStep™ Brush Logo Mat

Notrax 196 BrilliantStep Brush Logo Mat - Outdoor Printed Logo Scraper MatAfter more than a year of intense research and development, Notrax® is proud to introduce the Notrax® 196 BrilliantStep™ Brush logo mat, a custom-printed brush entrance mat for indoor and outdoor use. This high quality multi-functional dust control mat not only scrapes and cleans shoes, to prevent dirt and moisture getting tracked in to facilities; it also provides an excellent opportunity to promote a brand or company name because most people primarily look to the floor.

Unique Logo Printing Possibilities
What makes the BrilliantStep™ Brush unique is the custom printing possibility.  Most outdoor logo mats are sewn in or manufactured using an inlaid logo process where the logo is custom cut from the same material and inlaid within the mat.  This does not allow for fine lines, shading or 3D effects. This labour intensive process not only limits the design possibilities, but also creates a large amount of waste, thereby increasing the cost of the mat.

The BrilliantStep™ Brush is available with the Notrax® BrilliantStep™ printing, a state-of-the-art technology that allows 3-dimensional effects and colour shading, for each mat to have its truly individual image.  BrilliantStep™ printing is possible using a palette of 16 colours whereby almost any colour can be mixed and matched.  The color penetrates the fibers from the surface of the mat down to the root of the fiber and superior colour fastness is ensured, in accordance with DIN54006.

Tough and Durable Entrance Mat
Manufactured in a similar manner as artificial turf, the BrilliantStep™ Brush offers the unique combination of scraping action of a brush mat with the durability that artificial turf is known for.  The BrilliantStep™ Brush is densely tufted using coarse crush-resistant yarns will tolerate more wear and keep its appearance and functionality longer making it suitable for entrances with the heaviest of foot traffic.  The dense structure helps to hide dirt even in between cleanings so the entrance will look great after thousands of people have walked over them.  

Entrance matting is the first line of defense in keeping dirt and debris from entering the building and can remove up to 80% of dirt.  Over a 20 day period, 1000 people will deposit 24 pounds of dirt. For public buildings with high daily traffic, the benefits of a good entrance matting system are very measurable in annual savings of cleaning costs.  

Proper use of entrance matting can reduce the amount of dirt that is brought into the building that would otherwise get trapped in interior carpeting.  Carpet soils have a texture that is similar to a razor, and as carpets are walked on, their fibres can be cut. This shortens the overall life span of the carpet.  Within the first 6 feet, 42 % of the floor’s finish or carpet nap will be removed after only 1500 people have entered.  Entrance matting absorbs much of the initial abuse to extend the life of the interior flooring or carpeting to protect the investment. The more dirt removed at the entrance, the less can become airborne inside the building, thereby improving air quality.  LEED recommends a permanent entryway walk-off system at all regularly used, exterior-to-interior entrances and entrances from covered parking garages.
Use Indoors or Outdoors
The BrilliantStep™ Brush can be used indoors, under a portico or outdoors.  With a thickness of 18mm, the BrilliantStep™ Brush can be easily installed in the majority of mat wells and recessed frames.  Loose lay mats are also available.  The mat has excellent adherence and adapts to any surface and a heavy duty vinyl backing is slip resistant and keeps the mat in place.

BrilliantStep™ Brush is available in standard sizes, custom lengths up to 120 cm wide or bespoke.  Vinyl bevel accessories are available to finish off loose lay mats and prevent tripping on the mat.  

Naturally Notrax®
As with all Notrax® logo mats, artwork is supplied within 24-hours and mats are printed and shipped 24 hours after approval of artwork is given.  

Notrax® has a full selection of outdoor and indoor matting for professional use.  Indoor matting is available in single zone, multi-zone and multi-functional entrance matting in a variety of colours and materials that suit any entrance to create a total matting solution for a stylish yet safe entrance.