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Manufacturing Innovative Matting Products
Manufacturing Innovative Matting Products
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TTXT TuffTrak® XT

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Recommended uses:

Carts - Wheeled Access
Cold Resistant
Heavy foot traffic
Oil Grease Resistant
Oil Resistant
Standard size


TuffTrak® XT


TuffTrak® XT is an extreme heavy duty road mat specifically designed for the most challenging ground conditions. The mat

features the rugged chevron traction® nub surface that ensures optimal grip in even the most adverse ground conditions.

With a 600 psi* compressive load capacity, this extreme temporary ground protection solution can withstand all weather

and ground conditions including wetlands, marshlands, peat bogs, and river deltas.

The TuffTrak® XT can be installed quickly and efficiently with our Four3™ camlock connector using a minimum of 2 or up

to 16 connection points. The combination of the Four3™ camlock and the overlap connectors lock adjacent mats firmly

together creating a monolithic working platform delivering superior strength. The overlap connection means that vehicles or

machinery can turn with ease as the overlap keeps the connection secure. This also creates a semi-barrier keeping dirt and

grime below the surface for a clean and secure working platform. The special format of the connection points creates the opportunity for the positional adjustment of mats allowing various configurations.


Product Specifications:

  • High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) construction
  • Chevron traction® surface nub design for maximum grip
  • 'Hybrid' overlaps for extra strength at connector and corner points
  • 16 connector fixing points for allowing multiple mat configurations.
  • Exclusive Four3 camlock connector
  • 2 fixing points per mat required out of 16, allowing multiple configurations 
  • Foam filled cellular core avoids intake of liquids
  • Specially designed for roadways and work pads
  • Weight: 350 kg
  • Dimensions: 4002 mm x 2001 mm
  • Thickness: 90 mm


  • Oil & gas
  • Civil engineering
  • Construction
  • Transmission
  • Infrastructure and utilities maintenance
  • Military sites
  • Events
*Load bearing capacity is subject to ground conditions.  Sizing is subject to a manufacturing variance of +/- 5%.
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